Im 17 gay and taken by an amazing girl named mackenzie lee im obviously a dyke i love poetry photography and weed haha im a hopeless romantic and i love a good time with friends and family


Life is not always good. Which is why music exists. Why I believe God exists. Why there’s always a pint of coconut milk ice cream in my freezer.

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this makes me happy to be in the body im in 
ive never said that before
this isn’t supposed to be a sexualized picture, more like body acceptance- which I’ve been working on. 

Keep actin up and imma put my middle finger up and you can watch me walk out the door and the last thing u will see is my back

You ain’t loyal

Brb gunna go cut now since I’m scum of the earth

Yup I’m always the bad guy u hit me I hit u back it’s my fault you swear at me I swear back and it’s my fault u could rob a bank and it would be my fault

Yeah no fuck being an adult

Can I go back to being 16 

When I could blaze all day drink all night and waste my life away with my friends I miss worcester I wish babe liked it there

I NEED to see the fault in out stars